Wednesday, September 3, 2008

THE GARDEN and Slow Food wrap-up

Well, Slow Food Nation was madness (as expected), and all went well...except the screening I attempted to have on Friday.

Just as we had set up the projector and speakers, and revved the generator, some NIMBY neighbor couple came out from their home across the street and asked incredulously what we were doing. I explained that we were showing movies about organic food and sustainability, and one of them said "Well, I understand that, and we really support the slow food thing, but I just don't think this is the neighborhood for it".

If ANYWHERE were the neighborhood for a Friday night 8:30pm outdoor screening of movies about food and politics, you'd think it was the Mission. After asking if it would be fine if the sound were turned down, they insisted that I was responsible for bringing in more drug dealers and public urination. Um, I grew up in the Mission, and as far as I can tell, there has never been a time when these things weren't around! What the hell are they talking about?

But then, as if to perfectly illustrate and validate their contempt of culture and public involvement and participation, Critical Mass rode by. A single rider broke off, rode into the parking lot where we were set to project, and started peeing on the wall. Once the angrier of the two started yelling that she would shoot his penis off, I decided it was no longer worth arguing or pleading with them.

I packed up and called it a night.

However, we will be having an INDOOR screening, which will not likely be so unceremoniously shut down, on Friday, September 12th at 7pm. The address is 865 Florida between 20th and 21st streets. No NIMBYs allowed. I will post more on this soon.

Also, check out this movie project about the South Central Farm in LA. Lots of sustainable food gardening had been going on this 14 acre urban site for years, but was stopped recently. I interviewed some of the same folks who had farmed at South Central farm, who are now at the Stanford Avalon Community Garden. If you don't know this history, google "south central farm" and/or check out the movie site.

Take care, eat well!

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