Sunday, January 13, 2008

the LA experience

We're about to head out tomorrow,
into the sunset, past Orange County and beautiful San Juan Capistrano (swallows apparently think it's quite nice), after visiting with a rancher and a farmer.

Today, we met the Dervaes family, who rock the most productive urban homestead I have EVER seen. And I've seen, well, at least a couple in my day.

Check all of their amazingness (all 6,000 pounds of food a Year!) at and be prepared to be blown away by how much one family on 1/5th of an acre can do to be self-sufficient, food-wise. And in Pasadena, to boot!

We also went to the Stanford Avalon Community Garden in Watts. Also hugely productive, tended by mostly immigrant Central Americans who were kicked off of the South Central Community Farm. We talked to an old-timer LA garden activist, and some cute kids chewin' radishes straight from the ground, whose dream jobs were:

1) Soccer Player
2) Work in a theater (to get to watch free movies)
3) Video Game Designer

They were down with healthy foods and hangin' out in gardens, and would've loved to be on camera if their parents had let them. Sorry kids, maybe next time!

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