Friday, October 3, 2008

In Memory and Hope

So Sascha just left this morning, and we have about 80% of the movie rough-cut edited, so I should be stoked that the movie is moving along.

Unfortunately, I've also been down about the untimely death of fellow activist and beautiful person Kirsten Brydum. I only knew her briefly through one of her many projects, the Access Cafe, but I looked forward to working with her on many things. She was so bright and dedicated to a good life of positive works, and it is a mystery why she would be shot and killed.

This can be taken as a reminder of how unfair the world is, but I hold hope that it will inspire us (whatever communities we feel a part of) to be closer and to take less for granted, so we can see how important it is that we continue to do work out of love for the world, love for each other, and love for change.

Take Care,

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