Monday, August 25, 2008

August is the Month

I don't think you count as a blogger unless you post more than one update a month, so right now I consider myself a borderline blogger. Tree, who may recall from the bike ride, has been keeping up a lot more. Good for him!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Eagle last month, and all the bands who played! It was good times, and we raised some scrill to pay the documentary bills.

Thanks to the Community Food Security Coalition (our fiscal sponsor, who recently moved offices to the fine atmosphere of Portland, OR) for still letting us take money as a non-profit!

Speaking of which, we're so close to our electronic goal of $10,000--only about $9,900 left to go! Actually, if you'd like to donate money, I encourage you do to it directly to me or through the CFSC for tax-deduction status...the internet is sketchy. I don't know how many times you've been ripped off by Ebay, but I'm not looking forward to that happening to me!

Update on non-directly movie-related things:

Obviously, things have been going fast, as I neglected to inform folks that I would be interviewed on KPFA for their show "Full Circle" was last Friday, August 22nd. The segment was actually about independent filmmakers, not "good food", but I usually end up talking about both anyway so it wasn't that difficult of an interview. You can hear it here. I'm up first, at about minute 3, and blabbing for about ten minutes.

Also, in case you're in the Bay Area but have been in the darkest corners of the food-movement closet: SLOW FOOD NATION is coming up this weekend and promises to be a very inspirational and busy time for a food-politics-interested person like myself.

I will be running around all the food-tasting pavilions and civic center get-togethers promoting for various projects (including this one), and will likely be putting on guerrilla screenings of our trailer, the Food Justice movie, and the Greenhorns trailer both Friday and Saturday an undisclosed location, somewhere in the Mission. Check back here this week and I will post the spot.

In the works is an indoor screening for the 11th or 12th of September, location is being confirmed in the next couple of days.

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