Monday, December 24, 2007

Readying to Roll


Things are getting started in a serious way:
We bought some Lavelier mics for some good quality walk and talk sound capability.
We were recently given an excellent primer on video blogging by Ryan and Jay over at Ryan is Hungry.
We have many, possibly too many, dates booked in January.
We have three cameramen, an editor, and various associate producers lined up to support the production over the two month tour.
We finished (and showed) the trailer, and are working on the 3rd cut, which we will be distributing on the tour. If you'd like a copy to host a screening/fundraiser, let us know!

This is supposed to be vacation time, holidays and the like.
But there is so much to do!

Stay warm, eat well...

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Chef Jem said...

How exciting! The official countdown on the big road tour is now proclaimed! ;^)

Are you anticipating that "the 3rd cut" will be your preferred trailer? I am most eager to see that just as soon as you can get that to me!

Thank you again Antonio and Jesse for allowing for my contributions to your documentary! Doing this has inspired me in the "direction" of possibly producing a documentary on Biodynamics in America! The conversations have begun and I feel many good things about this! (Also, I find that there are a number of "nourishing" qualities that come into play as a producer and they all tell me that I may be "built" for this!)

The Very Best of Good Fortunes in "The Search for ..."!

Chef Jem

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