Thursday, November 22, 2007

Recent Interviews...

I know I should be trying a little harder to update this blog with all the interesting stuff that's been happening around this project, but I have a hard enough time just keeping up with emails!

Here, at least, is a list of some of the folks we've interviewed for the movie so far. Hopefully I'll give them a more in depth treatment in the near future...

Yesterday, Harald Hoven, director of the Raphael Garden at the Rudolph Steiner College in Fair Oaks gave us a walk and talk tour of the garden, explaining the basics of biodynamics. Friendly dude, no doubt.

The day before, I worked with Sam Franzen (Jesse was at work!), a Straus Creamery Ice Cream fan and HDV cameradude, to tour the Straus plant and interview Albert, the brains and motivation behind Straus' ascendence to organic dairy product greatness. I love their vanilla yogurt, personally, but tried to remain journalistically neutral in this encounter (yeah, sure).

Others we've talked to:
-Temra Costa (of Community Alliance with Family Farmers)
-Amy Vanderwalker (of Environmental Justice Coalition on Water)
-Guillermo Payet (founder of
-Mark MacAfee (owner of Organic Pastures, the largest raw milk dairy in the state)
-Rebecca Spector (of the Center for Food Safety)

Really, I'll give them all their proper exposition soon enough.
For now, you'll just have to google their names and figure it out yourself!

Take care, eat well,

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Chef Jem said...

Yippee Antonio for coming into Blogging existence!

How about having a personal (volunteer) "secretary" (if you think that can help you in "keeping up with emails")?

Nice to see Harold at the top/most recent entry! I'll look forward to "a more in depth treatment". (Maybe I'll offer something towards that after I view your raw footage.)

The Very Best of Good Fortunes to You, Jesse and all concerned!

Happy Trails!
Chef Jem