Monday, April 11, 2011

Urban Farming is a go in SF!

The organization I helped found last year, the SF Urban Agriculture Alliance (SFUAA) will be having its Monthly Meeting / PARTY - April 12, 2011, but this time, it'll be no agenda, just hanging out, and celebrating the (expected) passage of the revised urban agriculture zoning ordinance. Come out! For more info check

Time: 6pm-8pm
Location: Global Exchange, 2017 Mission Street (@ 16th), 2nd Floor Conference Room
Details: Even though we will be meeting at our usual date and time, we will not be having a "work" agenda. Instead, the agenda: show up, meet, eat, chat, compare aphid stories, celebrate, drink, and (time permitting) be merry.

Anyone involved in or wanting to get involved in the San Francisco urban agriculture community is welcome. Please bring a snack to share. Food from your garden is especially encouraged!

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Nature News from Jake Sigg said...

This comment is actually for the first item on this blog, but I was unable to get a comment box, so I tried another one - you. I would appreciate it if you would pass it on to proper party. Thank you.

My comment is the last sentence in the first paragraph of first article on this site: "And I imagine that Michael Pollan-reading liberals don't have a lot of cache with the Senators that are..."

A friendly grammar lesson: I think the word you want is 'cachet'. I had a little trouble, first thinking you meant 'cash' (we're talking about Senators, you know), then I wondered if it could be 'cache', but couldn't make sense of that, so finally I settled on cachet.

Jake Sigg, San Francisco