Sunday, October 24, 2010

Extending the Season Workshop

Hello all-

I'm doing this class at Garden For the Environment in November--please pass it on to those who might be interested.

Want to get most out of your growing space? Well, there's one resource that people often forget when planning out their garden: time! That's right, we can grow food year round thanks to our climate, yet most gardeners tend to focus on their summer crop. At this workshop we will explore methods for growing through the winter, as well as different types of crops that are suitable for this time of year and when to plant them. Antonio Roman-Alcalá, of Alemany Farm, will share ideas and strategies for the use of coldframes, row cloth, mulch, and more, in the service of growing your favorite crops in these colder, darker months.

Here are links to the calendar and the eventbrite where you can sign up online:

GFE Calendar:


(Those who don't want to pay the eventbrite processing fee can just shoot an email to and rsvp a spot that way.)

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