Monday, April 5, 2010

New Workshops!

Garden Workshops
at the Free Farm Stand (23rd and Treat Streets) 1:30pm-2pm
and at Esperanza Community Garden (Florida St at 19th) 2:30-4:00pm

April-May 2010

The Free Farm Stand is about sharing the wealth of urban gardens and farms. “Shop” for some local vegetables and then learn how to grow your own so you too can share some surplus with those in need.

I will be doing ½ hour workshops for free on the dates below in Treat Commons Community Garden next to the Free Farm Stand. This will be a preview to the longer 1 ½ workshop that will be held at Esperanza Garden. Those workshops cost $15 donation but absolutely no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Also, a Spanish translator will be available at the Farm Stand workshop.

Here are the subjects and dates...
04/11/10 Workshop: Vegetative Propagation
It's not likely that you could grow a whole human body by taking
off a piece of your finger, sticking it in the ground, and keeping it
moist over some months time. Surprisingly, though, this about all
it takes to make more plants from perennial bushes, herbs, and vines.
In this class, you will learn the subtle differences in plant forms and
growth, and how to maximize your asexual reproductive power!

04/18/10 Workshop: Intro to FRUIT TREES
Who doesn't love fruit trees? They bring such sweetness into our lives, and with very little effort needed to coax a bountiful crop, compared with labor-intensive annual vegetables. This class will answer basic fruit tree questions: what kind of trees are out there? Which can I grow here? How do fruit trees grow? What do I have to do to keep them alive and productive?

04//25/10 Workshop: Sexual Propagation: VEGGIES
Have you planted what seemed like thousands of seeds,
only to have just two weak-looking carrots emerge? If
you're getting started at planting vegetables from seed,
or are just curious as to how to refine and perfect
your seeding techniques, this class will help.
You will leave this class confident enough to grow any major
vegetable from seed, and know how to avoid the most common
mistakes leading to seed death and seedling ill-health.

05/02/10 Workshop: Vegetable Focus: SOLANUMS
This class will cover as much as possible on the more palatable
and locally-appropriate varieties of these variously loved and
hated gems of South American descent. We will discuss tomatoes,
potatoes, peppers, and eggplants, and how to coax a crop from the
most heat-loving family in an area renowned for its cool summers.

05/09/10 Workshop: Vegetable Focus: BRASSICAS
Gardeners of The Bay take note! Brassicas could be your best friend!
Learn the needs of and tricks for growing the following veggies: kale,
arugula, collards, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, and the
Chinese choys. Come away confident that, no matter the time of the year,
or your proximity to the ocean, you will be fed from your own garden!

05/23/10 Workshop: Vegetable Focus: LEGUMES
Take some time out to get to know the Fabacaea family, including bush beans, pole beans, peas, and perennial legumes. Legumes are not only vital in helping you maintain soil fertility, they taste great and are easy to grow as well! Come get to know them better.

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Thanks for the update, Antonio. I look forward to checking these dates out feaux sho. Keep up the good work!