Saturday, December 12, 2009

New ORG for New Gardens

If you've got a space that works for this organization (they're out of Detroit; I'd never heard of them til this but it sounds like they know what they're doing), you could have a garden installed!

Urban Farming is looking to convert unused land in San Francisco to grow an organic food garden. If you are interested in this possibility, please contact Karleen Eberle directly. Her email is Her phone number is 608-320-1028.

Urban Farming is a non-profit that converts unused land into organic food gardens. It is our mission to end hunger in our generation, alleviate poverty and green our environment. We have a sponsor that is funding 6 new gardens in San Francisco. The ultimate goal is to create long term, self sustaining garden that directly benefits and uplifts the community. We provide all of the garden essentials. Below are the technical details:

Site Selection Criteria

· 20’x20’ plot, or space netting approximately 400 square feet – all sites should have some extra room for participants, should not contain existing community gardens

· There should not be existing gardens on the sites so we can create a new garden there

· Appropriate sunlight and accessible water supply

· At least one site with sufficient space around the planting plot to allow for events of 30-50 people, small tent, product promotions display, signage, equipment

· Reasonably safe area/neighborhoods, Ideally a mix of urban and suburban sites

· Easy access from car/truck

· Ample parking for tour vehicle

· Concrete may be acceptable, but asphalt is not

Suggested Site Types: Community center grounds; Parks; City lots; University/College campus; Faith-based organization sites that accept other community member involvement and also those that are non-denominational. (no elementary or high schools grounds)

Urban Farming will provide:

· Soil testing

· 60 yards of top soil spread over a 20X20 garden (aka 440 sq ft) area (Soil dropped and spread- we will pay for it)

· Vegetable plants for first growing season (for future, on a best-efforts basis only).

· Tools (one time basis)

· A part-time garden supervisor who will oversee garden operations, including keeping the garden aesthetically pleasing and free of debris through Oct. 2010.

· Standard agreement between Urban Farming and Property Owner, defining the responsibilities of each (official MOU)

· Assistance with obtaining any necessary city permits.

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