Friday, May 22, 2009

Article for Civil Eats aka Life on the Farm part 2

Follow this link to an article I wrote for my new friend Paula, editor of the food politics blog

Is Farming a Form of Activism?

It's a bit long, since I try to tackle both my transition out of the city and my new experiences here on the farm, but I think it's worth it.


mIEKAL said...

Hopefully you spend some time living & working in a permaculture inspired setup, where designs, inputs, outputs & philosophy are much more integrated. Especially in climates such as California, the possibilities for low impact high output food production forests is virtually unlimited.

This is what we've been doing for 20 years.

Antonio said...

Yes, I'd love it if this farm were set up more Permaculturally...but it's not really.

For example: the first garden that was set up (years before I got here) was placed at the top of a ridge, hundreds of yards away from the nearest housing. The zones are all out of whack.

However, I am a permaculture designer, so I've been growing odd food-foresty perennials to plant out...