Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I think I have some explaining to do.

Why hasn't this blog seen any activity since October 08?
Has this project died? Because it would seem like it from the lack of Internet action going on around here.

No, the project is not dead. It's not finished either. What happened is this:

Since the start of making this movie (summer of 07), I have seen so many other video and media projects focused on the topic of sustainable food. While once there seemed to be a lack of information available about said topic, there now seems to be plenty. Does the approach I take, as an inexperienced film-maker, matter?

I started thinking, as my work as a community organizer and farm educator, landscaper, and musician continued its pull on my limited time, "maybe I should leave this to the experts". I love to teach others and share what I've learned, but maybe I'm meant to do this on a more face-to-face level, not through moving picture?

Luckily, a few things have stopped me from this thinking, and have pushed me to re-think and get re-inspired to continue and "finish" this project:

1) I raised money from many kind people for this, and I damn well better have something for them!
2) I realized that the focus of the project has always been urban populations, and so I will continue with the understanding that what I'm trying to do is get urban populations more conversant with food system topics...hopefully this will make it easier to decide what parts of the complex food system to feature.
3) It's 2009, the year of HOPE and CHANGE, right?! Gotta get moving on making that change.

So with that, the new plan is:
1) Finish the first 20 minute segment and release it online, as well as hold screenings.
2) Hold those screenings with other agriculture-related films mid-year, as a kind of "good food film festival".
3) make more short films based on our individual interviews with folks around the state; ie finally use our YouTube and Blip profiles.
4) Continue to host the In Search Of Good Food bike rides locally to get people plugged into the wonderful things happening around them!

Plus, I'll still cross my fingers that some producer wants to produce a series along these lines, turn this into a TV series, or that some "angel investor" will want to actually pay me to do this!

Until then, be on the lookout (and pass on the info) for our next event, the second benefit dinner, concocted by Leif Hedendal, on Saturday, Feb 7th.
Info for that will be posted soon.

Take care,

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