Sunday, May 4, 2008


Now, I may have to turn into a real blogger soon: there is just so much going on!

Here's a few updates on events both movie-related and (somewhat) personal.

1) Dan Sullivan, my new friend over at the Rodale Institute's, posted a little description of our project. Thanks Dan! Their website is an endless fount of Organic Farm info (and if you don't know the history of organic farming, Rodale plays a key role), so check it out!

2) I just returned from the 8th annual Food and Society Conference, held this year in Chandler, AZ. Put on by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (the sustainable food movement's largest philanthropic supporter), the conference brings together 550 Executive Directors and assorted other "key players" in the "good food" scene. The event is invite-only, which means that someone out there thought I was worthy of taking part. I would like to write about this experience more, but I haven't the time right now and I think I still need a little time to let it sink in. Meanwhile, check

3) I never posted about my finalist status for the BR!CK award, a $10,000 grant given to youth (under 25) for doing something in their community. I also would need a lot more time to give full service to this story (which is ongoing: I have yet to find out if I won), but you can watch the one minute video I made to convince the people to give me the money here.

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