Friday, April 25, 2008

On My Radio!

Aren't we special?

I feel like anyone who gets interviewed for the radio must be cool. Or at least thinks that they're cool enough that someone might want to hear what they have to say.

Well, that's us apparently, because we were interviewed twice on our trip!

First was Charles Myers for his show, Keepin' it Fresh, on KCBX in San Lois Obispo. You can hear the piece here. Charles isn't just a smart guy and a good interviewer. He's also the owner of the Big Sky Cafe, a local-food-buying, good-food-making restaurant.

Then, on the "last day" of the trip, the same day we interviewed A.G. Kawamura (CA Sect. of Ag), we were remotely patched in (courtesy of the Annex studio in Menlo Park) to Rory O'Dwyer's hosting of "Local Dirt", a KDVS (Davis) show on all things agriculture. You can't hear that on the internet--yet.

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